Things To Do When Visiting Alaska

alaska stateAlaska, which sits to the northwest of Canada, is America’s largest (663,300 sq. mi.) and most sparsely populated state. The state is known for its diverse and dramatic terrain of mountains, forests, and wide-open spaces, with small towns and abundant wildlife. Here, sunlight shines at midnight, animals outnumber people, and nature reigns supreme. Alaska is certainly a place of unparalleled beauty and is considered one of the best tourist destinations in the world.

When visiting the most northern American state, there are places that you must visit, and things you must do for your trip is to be a memorable one. Here is a look at some of the options Alaska has to offer, and which you should consider visiting or trying out when visiting the state.

Explore Different Alaskan National Parks

If you love nature, then Alaska is the place to visit. The state is home to some of the most scenic and most beautiful national parks you will find in America, including Denali National Park (which is one of the largest national parks in the US), Kenai Fjords National Park, and Wrangell-St. Elias National Park amongst others. Alaskan parks have much to offer and are guaranteed to impress anyone looking to explore nature and wildlife.

Drive Through The Scenic Alaska Highway

A highway that runs from British Columbia’s Dawson Creek through Yukon Territory to Fairbanks, the Alaska Highway was built for military purposes during WWII. After the war came to an end, the route was opened to the public and has been the main means to access Southern Alaska and the Yukon Territory by land. If you love recreational driving, then this winding, scenic mountain route is one you should consider traveling.

Enjoy The Spectacular Northern Lights

northern lightsIf you want to see a phenomenon unlike any you have ever seen, then Alaska is the place to visit during winter. Because of its positioning, considering that it one of the most northern states and locations in the world, Alaska experiences long and dark winters. During this time, solar particles interact with the earth’s magnetic field, creating spectacular light shows known as The Northern Lights; opening up an opportunity for both locals and tourists to experience one of the most unique phenomena known to man. The Northern Lights are best seen between September and April. To see this amazing event, then signing up for an Aurora tour is what you need to do.

Visit Alaska’s Native Heritage Center

If you love history, then consider planning a visit to Alaska Native Heritage Center located in Anchorage, where some of the traditional dwellings belonging to some of Alaska’s native people are preserved. While this attraction sits out of downtown, you still can get to it visit it during the summer when tour companies offer tourist shuttle services to the center where cultural guides demonstrate traditional artworks and crafts and perform native songs and dances.

Get Outdoors and ExploreJason Lesmeister - Cooper Landing Fishing Guide

Some of the things mentioned previously involve being outdoors but also go a few steps beyond just walking outside and get INVOLVED. Hire a hiking guide and climb a rugged, remote peak. Float on one of Alaska’s many river ways with a local fishing guide and fish for trophy rainbow trout or sockeye salmon. Grab some binoculars and watch bear indulge on salmon as they migrate. There are so many opportunities and options it can be hard to choose what to do. Whatever you choose though, I’m confident you will have fun!