Explore Everything Talkeetna, Alaska Has To Offer You

talkeetna pictureThink of a few typical vacation spots, and think of the places you’ve been. Sure, it’s fun to visit Disney World and the Grand Canyon, and Myrtle Beach is a great Spring Break destination. Wouldn’t you like to try something new? There are places stateside that are quite different from the norm. Who wants to go to the same places and enjoy what everyone else always enjoys? That unique vacation experience could make all the difference, and that is why you should travel to Talkeetna, Alaska.

What can you do in Talkeetna, Alaska? Top things to do include visiting the Artisans Open Air Market and the Alaskan War Veterans Memorial and enjoying a river rafting or tubing adventure. You can also charter a fishing boat. Can you imagine the fishing experience you could have in Alaska?

Have you ever visited a small town and went to a local country store? Maybe you have one of those still around where you live. I am nostalgic for these types nagleys storeof places, and there is one in Talkeetna called Nagley’s Store. It’s an old general store, and in these types of places, you can often find old-fashioned goodies made locally and more.

If you want to take in some Alaskan history, you can visit the Talkeetna Historical Society Museum. Some people like to skip the history, and even as a history buff, I understand and respect that. But let me pose a question to you. Wouldn’t it be worth it to know more about the place you’re visiting? When you’re telling stories to family and friends about your unique travel destination, it helps to fill in some details about the place. After all, if they haven’t heard of Talkeetna, Alaska, they will be asking questions.

That gives you the chance to impress and feel good over and over again about your choice for a vacation spot. Aurora Dora is another great place to visit while you’re in Talkeetna, and reviewers say you can take spectacular pictures there. Byers Lake provides vacationers with all kinds of fun activities, including kayaking.

You can take a speed boat tour, visit the Walter Harper Talkeetna Ranger Station and there are also nature and wildlife tours available that will take you through the Alaskan Wilderness.

Oh, and if you were wondering where you were going to stay, forget about your Motel 8’s and Holiday Inn’s — those don’t exist here. You’ll be lodging in rustic cabins like Talkeetna Love Lee Cabins or pitching a tent in one the many self-serve camping areas. Take the time to enjoy life and try something other than your normal hotel or motel.

Are you ready to enjoy your time in Talkeetna, Alaska? There are more things to do there than what has been mentioned, but these are some of the top attractions. We had a lot of fun and I’m sure you will too!